More Painting Projects, September–October 2007

Painting is contagious...once you start, you can't stop!  Actually, I think we're almost ready to stop now, just some touchups in the kitchen in a few problem areas.  Here's a glimpse at the living room, dining room, and family room, all with their new look!

What you see when you come down the hall from the bedrooms.  The hanging lamp is new, and all the bookcases are now in this one area. The TV has not shifted position in order to stay connected to the cable.  There's so much more light now with the hanging lamps in each corner.
Looking from the dining room into the living room.  Three bookcases used to be where the piano is now (the piano was over by the fireplace before).  We got rid of the gray leather couch and moved the black couch, which opened up the entire center of the room. Not the best picture to show how open the front room is now, but this is what you see right as you enter the front door.

Looking in to the center of the room from the front door.  Rob still needs to fix the fireplace screen (or we need to get a new one).  We got rid of enough books to go from 5 bookcases to 4 (Rob cut the one that is angled down by about 5 inches to make it fit the space). The only thing that changed in the dining room is the color of one wall, which is the same color (Sensational Sand) as the fireplace wall in the front room.  All the furniture went right back where it came from.
The new color in the family room.  This is the same Butternut color as in our bedroom (we had the extra paint, so why not?).

One of our favorite things about the new room is Rob's hanging DVD/bookshelves.  He took the shelves he made for Great-Papa and converted them to a wall-mount system with even more shelves in between.
Looking in to the family room from the kitchen.