New Bedrooms, August—September 2007

(or, how a free waterbed ended up costing us more than $1,000)

It all started so innocently, as most of our home improvement projects do.  Some good friends offered Eldon a free super-single waterbed.  "Cool," we all said!  Eldon's bed was old and rickety and not very comfy. What a great thing to get as he starts high school?

Then, Marie got the idea that it would probably be wise to paint Eldon's room before we plunk the waterbed in it because, as we well know, being waterbed owners ourselves, once it gets into place it is not going anywhere.  And, it had been 12 years since his room had been painted, and it "needed it."  So, we painted Eldon's room.  Here's how it turned out:

The painters show off their work before reloading the room.  Yes, there are three colors of paint! The waterbed that started it all.

The new arrangement works well!  Even with a bigger bed, the room seems more spacious. Everything in its place.  There's lots of storage lurking behind the drawers.
Eldon is a happy camper!  The bed is long enough for him, and doesn't creak and groan like his old one does.

We spent $180 on paint and supplies and $150 on bedding (including a new mattress pad for our waterbed).  We sold his dresser for $75 and his bed for $25.

Total cost so far:  $155.

Jason, upon seeing how nice Eldon's room turned out, decides he wants his room painted, too.  We agreed, but with ulterior motives.  We explained to Jason that Eldon got rid of a lot of stuff, and said that if he were willing to go through his mountains of stuff and whittle it down, we'd be willing to paint his room.  He rose to the challenge!  We took 3 grocery bags of books to Half Price Books, sent 4 big trash bags full of stuff to Deseret Industries, put a few "must-keep" items up in the attic, and threw a lot away.  Here's the result:

Jason had the flu the weekend that we painted, and he was very grateful to get his bed back! He picked colors of green that went well with the fish on his comforter.
Nice and neat.
Look at all the room in his bookcase!

Another happy camper, and $150 on paint well spent. 
We got $42 for his books, so that gives us:

Total cost so far:  $263.

The same weekend that we painted Jason's room, we found out that some friends in our ward were selling a king size Sleep Number bed that their parents had owned for about 2 years before retiring, buying a motor home, and setting out to see the country.  We had actually been considering getting a Sleep Number bed to replace our waterbed but the price was well outside of our budget.  Our friends wanted $1,000 for the bed, a beautiful 4-poster bed frame, and all the bedding (sheets, comforter, big pillows).  "Sold!" we said, realizing full well that the bed would FILL the room, making it a true bedroom.  And, of course, we couldn't paint the boys' bedrooms and not paint ours!  We settled for painting just the wall opposite the bed in an accent color, to bring out the gold in the new bed linens.

Standing in the doorway to the master bathroom.  The Japanese painting (which hung for many years in Grandma & Grandpa deL's front room in Woodburn) matches the color scheme perfectly! The accent wall also sets off my spoons nicely!

Taken from the closet area, just another view of the accent wall that shows just how much of the bedroom is now BED. Looking into the room from the hallway!

Add $1,000 for the bed, $32 for a gallon of paint (on sale at 30%) off, $60 for under-bed storage containers (we do miss those drawers under the waterbed) and subtract the $175 we got for the waterbed on craigslist, and we are at $1,180!

And the painting doesn't stop there!  Funny how once you start, you can't stop.  The bedrooms look so good, that Rob had to paint the hall.  He even put up the trim around the bathroom door that has been off since before Jason's baptism 3 years ago and painted that and the back of the bathroom door, too.

Our next project--emptying the family room (ugh!), cleaning the carpets, and painting.  Anybody want to come help us pack up all the DVDs?